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Hypnosis is a natural deep relaxation of the body during which time the mind becomes very focussed.

During hypnotherapy the client and therapist work together and are able to cause changes to thoughts and feelings. Unwanted habits can be removed provided that is what the client really wants.

At Hypnosis for Health all clients are introduced into hypnosis in a very relaxed and gentle way.  It is very pleasant and should not be confused with stage hypnosis.  Nobody is going to swing a watch in front of  your face or order you to do anything. You are not going to fall asleep or do anything that you don’t want to do.

Successful Hypnotherapy depends on your full co-operation.

Please do not be nervous about Hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis is not the least bit mysterious or supernatural.  We have all been in the hypnotic state thousands of times. You didn’t notice because it is literally a natural state of mind.  Those few moments when you are waking in the morning and those few moments as you drift off to sleep…. the times when you are driving and on “automatic pilot”,  times when your conscious mind drifts off, allowing your subconscious mind to take over. Daydreaming is the first of the levels in a hypnotic state.

What does Hypnosis feel like?  It is important to realise that no 2 people will have identical experiences during the hypnotic state.  You may be far more suggestible than your friend.

Generally, when you are in a “trance” state where you are open to positive hypnotic suggestion, you will most likely be relaxed, sleepy and experience a rigidity or limpness in your arms and legs, skin warmth or coldness, sometimes tingling and focussed attention.

Most people say “That was wierd – but nice!”  Some people feel like they’re floating, some like they’re sinking down into a warm soft place and some will have none of these feelings.  However they are still aware that something strange has happened to them – leaving them usually with that feeling of inner peace - for example similar to that experienced after a massage.

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