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Stop Smoking

Most of our clients Stop Smoking in One Session. The only requirement is that the smoker must want to stop! The reason smokers find it difficult to stop on their own is because the Subconscious mind believes that the smoker needs to smoke. The Subconscious being the most powerful part of the mind will always win, and the smoker must smoke! A good Hypnotherapist is dealing with the Subconscious and will alter the “feelings” connected with smoking. Once this is done then the Desire to smoke is gone, the Need to smoke is gone!

The picture above shows how smokers should feel after one session. They should be able to give up any remaining cigs because they want to – not because they have to! More info below!

Cancer Nurse Specialist Cathy came to see Linda in 2005 for help to Stop Smoking.

You may have noticed that many doctors and nurses still smoke – even nowadays! The explanation given is often due to the stress of the job or the unsociable hours. When stressed we automatically reach for our crutch – whether it is food, cigarettes, cannabis or alcohol.

Hypnotherapy helps you to stop smoking by reducing the conflict that is in your mind, by helping both parts of your mind to believe that you really can be content without that packet of cigarettes in your pocket.

You will become healthier, happier and richer. You will be back in control of your life – free to choose when you go outside – and able to relax and enjoy yourself with family and friends no matter where you are!

Jan had smoked for 40 years before coming to see Linda for help to Stop Smoking. After just one session of Hypnotherapy she is now a Non-smoker – with no regrets!


Smokers! My name is Tim, my sport is rock-climbing. I really needed to Quit the Smoking Habit. A friend of mine Recommended Hypnotherapist John Adams at the Cosham Clinic. To my surprise it took just One Session! I don’t smoke any more, and I feel great, with more money to spend on better things!

Below; This letter to John.(Original letter on file)

Forty Eight Year Habit Removed in One Session!

This letter posted to Linda. Forty a Day Habit removed in One Session!

Most Smokers wil Stop in just One Session without Side Effects and they feel just fine!

There is a Free Second Session for those who need it.

Many people worry about putting on lots of weight when they stop smoking – this is usually the case if using will-power or nicotine replacements.

With Hypnotherapy it is very unusual to swap one bad habit for another – so you are unlikely to put on more than a couple of pounds. (See letter below).

Hypnotherapist John used to be a Forty a Day man himself, until one day he started to get Pains in his legs. His doctor told him he would lose his legs if he did not stop smoking. After a few months of chewing Nicorette, he went to a Hypnotherapist. His desire to smoke disappeared in one session. He eventually became a Hypnotherapist himself. Helping others to Quit has given John a purpose in life and a satisfaction that is hard to beat with any other occupation.

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Normal diets last as long as your enthusiasm.

Slimming with Hypnotherapy is a Pleasure, not a Torture!

You don’t think about food all the time!

Successful Hypnotherapy changes the way you “feel” about food! No longer even attracted to those High Calorie foods, you will lose weight! Any unwanted cravings should just disappear.

We offer Slimmers 2 sessions at the end of which they continue at home with a special audio tape. The tape will continue the good work. If slimmers have problems in the future, they are welcome to return when they would pay a special low fee, usually half the normal price.

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All enquiries, information, appointments contact Linda Adams direct on Tel. 01202 743169 / 07787 171278.


This happy client who wishes to remain anonymous used to have a phobia that prevented her from entering any competitions with her horse. She had just 2 sessions with John and you can see the result!

The client who sent in the postcard below used to have a flying phobia. He had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with John. He was thoughtful enough to send the postcard as a thank you. About a year before this he had one successful session of Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking.

The above postcard (you can see both sides) came from a young lady who used to have a very strong phobia about needles. She had obtained her University degree. She was offered a research job in Brazil. She could not accept it without the required JABS! 4 sessions over 4 days cleared the phobia.

Phobias are overwhelming feelings created by the Subconscious mind. The subconscious mind being the most powerful will “Trigger” the feeling in situations when reminded of previous situations. A phobic feeling can attach itself to anything, but once attached is likely to stick until sorted out once and for all.

We use a combination of Analytical Therapy and Suggestion Therapy to remove a Phobia. Once removed, it should be gone forever.

It can take up to 6 sessions to achieve success. Although these days it is more likely to be achieved in 3 sessions. The first session is all about relaxing in a special way. The session will be taped so the client will continue the good work between sessions. The more you practise-the better it gets!

This following letter was just too long to place on this website. The original is kept on file and we will send you a copy if you have this kind of phobia.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have only had one dream about Spiders since we finished the Hypnotherapy, but I woke up and knew it was only a dream, as opposed to jumping out of bed, switching on the light and stripping down the bed. I have none of the physical reactions I used to have if I saw a Spider. No heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, that feeling of panic getting out of control. After 20 plus years of being scared of Spiders, no matter how small, I don’t have to rely on someone else to deal with them. You have no idea how good that makes me feel! Thank you for changing my life!

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Some clients prefer to have one long session and will book in for Half a day. Ask Linda Adams for details. Tel 01202 743169 / 07787 171278.

Watch this space!


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Alcohol And Drugs

Most people enjoy a few drinks now and again. Hypnotherapy can help you to cut down or to stop drinking alcohol altogether.

In a stressful world many of us like to relax after a busy day with a glass of wine and a good meal – but if this become a daily habit and the glass becomes a bottle or more – who is in control – the bottle or you?

Have you reached the critical point? Perhaps you are getting hints from family and friends that you are drinking too much? Your work is suffering? You’ve failed the breathalyser the morning after the night before? Your child says your breath smells? Your relationships are suffering?

You can’t deny you’re drinking too much – so you can try to cut down. This isn’t easy because although part of your brain realises your drinking is now a problem, the other part still wants to drink as much as usual – if not more!

Problems cause stress – and when stressed we automatically reach for our crutch – whether it is food, cigarettes, cannabis or alcohol. So the problem escalates and the critical point becomes even more critical.

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop drinking by reducing the conflict that is in your mind, by helping both parts of your mind to believe that you really can be content without that drink in your hand. You will become healthier, happier and richer. You will be able to enjoy your life – and your family and friends so much more.

You will be free – and back in control of your life.

Here is a letter from Linda’s client Robert who has stopped drinking.

Hypnotherapy can also help clients to cut down or to stop taking drugs – whether prescription drugs such as sleeping tablets or tranquilisers – or cannabis, cocaine etc.

Linda’s client Gaynor wanted to stop her long-term use of sleeping tablets. After just one session she was feeling much more positive and in control.


Eating Disorders

Anorexia Removed in four Sessions.This client had suffered with his problem for ten years! Using a combination of Analytical and Suggestion therapy John was able to remove the problem very quickly. The photograph was taken in a Poole doctors’ surgery where John was the Resident Hypnotherapist. The surgery was opened on September 9th 1998. the opening was featured on Meridian TV. As a result of that feature the above client contacted Meridian who passed on the enquiry. At the start of treatment the client who was 6ft. tall weighed just 6st.13lbs. After 4 sessions he was eating normally and gaining weight nicely.

The above letter was from a client who had a very strong Eating Compulsion. She could not walk past a cake shop without an irresistable Urge to go in and buy a mountain of food! She would take it home and eat it! This of course gave her a big weight problem. Her other symptoms were. Could not wear make-up. Could not cuddle her loved ones. Had a big PMT problem, attacking her partner once a month! Yet she is a lovely person. Her problems stemmed from a feeling that she had experienced in her cot as a baby! Hypno-Analysis sorted out her feelings once and for all and all her Symptoms went away!

An unwanted feeling can get so powerful, it can ruin your life, but it can be dealt with. Start with one session when you will be taught to really relax in a special way. The session will be taped. Continue to practise relaxing at home with the tape. This will take you a big step forward to the second session when we are attempting to reach success as soon as possible. Some clients are cured in one session, but most will take three or four.

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All enquiries, information, appointments contact Linda Adams on Tel. 01202 743169 / 07787 171278.

Nail Biting And Other Habits

Unwanted Habits can usually be removed in just one session.

Below you can see Testimonials that grateful clients have sent in.

Other Habits like Pulling out hair, Biting the inside of the cheeks, Chewing skin on fingers can usually be removed in one session. Something like Teeth Grinding (bruxism) would require Hypno-Analysis, 4-6 sessions.

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All enquiries, information, appointments contact Linda Adams direct on Tel No. 01202 743169 / 07787 171278.

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